Saturday, April 30, 2011

Education today

Well currently im enrolled in a liberal arts college in the North West of United States. Its a small college, 1300 students, and its very academic. Everything taught here is thought to be for ONE's desire to become EDUCATED, (Whatever that means). Its true, love of learning is part of the identity of the college. However, its a lie. People just love their egos. By being independently thrown to the lions we are expected to learn to teach ourselves. That's the idea. The problem is everyone is not from an equal starting point. I, was great at math at poor at writing. Nothing has changed. I think Reed college is unreal. Who i am was the same as when i entered. Whatever change was self-change. In me stopping my personality. There is no secret or special knowledge. There are just classes.
I mean... shouldn't we be going to college to learn information and how to apply it? I don't consider what i learn valuable, and when i see those who are revered the best, i see nothing either. We are in quite a little fuckup, arent we? I suppose what matters is that the teachers see them as the best and me a loser. So, i know i can be that, since i was that in high school, but i was just so sick and tired of it!!! But a see a reason. Life. For life. I study for life so that one day life will be free from... everything, teacher students, money, hate, love, freedom, joy, sadness, revenge, hope, hate, anger, pessimism, knowledge, logic, rationality, clouds, etc... Life defined as one thing, is enslaved. We are all life.

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