Monday, November 29, 2010


If this world was organized instead of disorganized, like my room, then we could feel confident as one race, the human race, that we are living well, as one mind you. We should all organize ourselves properly for our betterment and freedom. So organize your individual self!
-If you agreee with me then you assume organization leads to efficiency, communication, power, ability, self-respect. I write in all senses of the O-word.

-Organize into a group that supports whats best for all. Whats best for all is that everyone communicate themselves honestly in order to sort out their minds and emotions. Most can't do such a necessary thing. It is Necessary. I know what it feels like to not speak honestly about how i feel or what im thinking/have thought of. Just like having a thorn in your foot it is necessary to remove it. Right? or im i wrong? I think im right.
- Be honest. Face FEARS. Live honestly, be fearless. What m0orr can I add?

Monday, November 22, 2010

I am an EQUALIST, not a feminist, racist, communist or humanist. Do you get my point? I am angry at the feminist for bitching about her own selfish problems and not caring for her FELLOW MAN=PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG. SO ARROGANT, SO DIVISIVE!!!! We need ONE people to stand as ONE. Caring for everyONE. DUHHHH!! Change comes with UNITY. FUCKING A

Friday, November 12, 2010


Im angry because there is someone i know, two actually, who i feel are disregarding ME. For one of them i had the desire that they consider me in a moment where i thought they were obligated to. I suppose it does not really matter the context of it. I don't know but i believe so. So... i know that im the only one who is CAPABLE of considering me fully. Others can consider ME within how their actions can harm me(physically???),
is it physical? since how i am hurt now came from a lack of a physical action, the absence of one.
I was hurt emotionally, not physically.
I thinks its STUPID. I don't want to be hurt emotionally.
The thing is... I don't consider everyone. For example this prospie (prospective student) was in our dorm and i felt too bog down by what was happening to care. I think i should not disregard anyone. I should consider everyone. Though i can't yet expect that everyone else can do the same. Its one step closer to a world where such a thing is commonplace. I forgive myself for accepting an anger that justified my judgments on my friends. If i am angry let it serve practical solutions. thanks

Thursday, November 11, 2010

day one

Today i expanded past some limits i could not cross previously. This was all due the previous night where i realized self-honestly the greater importance of more than just equality. Equality by itself, nothing more, is already here. What this world needs is equality applied for what's best for all. So... what im saying is its more than just one and equal. Cause if you hate yourself and you apply that equally then everybody hates themselves. Same thing if you have a pathetic life, how can you apply that to someone else? Im touching on a subtle point, one that is essential. Today was completely different because i realized i need to live the best life for myself, i was soooo distracted from what it means to care about food, sex, friends, breath(yet to come).