Sunday, December 4, 2011

The change we need/require in/as this world/existence – is change that can stand eternally, that contribute to existence as a whole – humans, animals, nature, the earth, existence…then change is REAL.
This is a quote by Sunnette. I saw today how who i was was not consistent. It was actually a point i tried to become but from the perspective of the mind. You, see the mind cannot last. The physical lasts, the physical is the key. Today i saw the same point. I wrote 4 practical things that i can do that i know i can do at any moment given i have the time and am in the physical position to do so, and they are: Vlog, Art for equality, Forum support, and breath. Each one of these i see benefits existence as a whole.

Friday, December 2, 2011


I asked my mom: “What mattered more, jesus’ message or jesus the man?” And she said the it’s the man who lives the message. Something I pointed out later was, the message is the man living the message, because only then can you even know the man. From my perspective, its not at all about the man, it could be any man, but it’s the message that matters, who the man is really. Like Bernard Poolman. Its not about the man, but the message. It could have been anyone, it just happened to be this man. Funnyly enough, one man is not powerful enough, including jesus, to change this reality. What is required is more men and women. Everyone coming together. So you can see, the man is not really the solution to change, but man is. All man, any man, which included the man who stood for the message or principle.  And includes you too! :P