Friday, April 22, 2011

The law of attraction is a way to justify desiring beliefs, money, and relationships without considering how this affects others. Money is power, therefore you want more power than others have. Relationships=sex, therefore you want sex, for yourself and you're looking for someone who wants the same thing. This 'for yourself' is to reach orgasmic state in order to not have to face SELF here. If you were to FACE self, you would be ashamed. Thats why there is a drive, 'energy', to distra....

So something happened yesterday that reflected this. I feel hesitant about talking about this. I saw how fucked up humanity is. I saw how fucked up i was. I totally understood where we're at. We are in total complete delusional shit. We literally don't exist, at all; not as life, not as anything real. I can see how it can be the case where you can literally be erased from existence when you die. There is no one there, literally. Just the physical with a pre-programmed mind trying to manifest itself.

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