Sunday, June 12, 2011

Yesterday at 10:20pm we, my cousin, my mom and I, left the house to go to Key Largo. There were three whales that were recovering and were being held by volunteers. They were literally held with our/the volunteers hands. They had been beached and were being held in this marine conservatory. They were in ocean water and facing the beach so they were not in a tank of water like in a zoo. They were still young calf. I mainly decided to volunteer because it was a in the moment decision that yeah that sounds about right, im doing that. It was not from any starting point of desire or for fun. I stopped such points regarding volunteer work.
          When we got there i had to wait for a while before it was my turn to hold the whales. What you do is just stand there in the water and have two hands on the whale in order to help it stay up from the water so that it can breath easily from it blowhole. It really is simple but i can't describe it too well. When we were explained it to there was a stuffed dolphin for purposes of demonstration. If i tried to explain, I would say that primary position is holding the whale with two hands leaning against your hip from the whales' side behind the flippers. One hand is at the base of the flipper the other on its dorsal fin, like a shark fin. Two or three people were holding each whale. Today my mom said that the whale's breathing is just like Sunnette's, the portal. My mom knows fairly well about the portal and the messages, but she cannot grasp that the physical is the key. I could say she is too bent on love. She still believes deeply that certain saints become enlighten through serving and loving others. So the point she made about the portal was the whale's hold their breath, which my mom noticed is exactly how Spies's does it. The whale i was holding would jolt whenever i would not stay here as breath! It was rather cool. I would drift from this reality and make a judgment about the whale and at the exact moment the whale twitched. This was consistent and was supportive.
     When i was sitting and waiting for my turn to go in I was dealing with a point of thought and reaction. It was to this girl who upon appearance you think, wow she definitely loves the whales on a personal level. That she was made to do this. I had a thought upon seeing this reaction, that i was preprogrammed to see that about her. This was something i was accepting and allowing within myself. So i looked to stop. I remember breathing and focusing on myself here and listening. I did not give her any special attention within my mind. Who i am is what i do. That is who i really am. Thinking about something or someone, and loving something or someone is not real and is not something done. Therefore it is not who you really are.