Saturday, April 16, 2011

Well, today i faced the point of Self-forgiveness, just now actually

I realized that i wasn't yet living my Self-forgiveness honestly. Meaning that there wasn't an immediate self-statement of change. With that realization i moved myself to breath. I then picked a single point. I received confirmation of the effectiveness of my words through the sound of them.

Ok, now to walk through Self-forgiveness.

When i was in the cafeteria, i was sitting with ben and i was having thoughts with pictures running through my vision. They were things we could talk about. I discarded many of them seeing them as irrelevant. Though right now as i was searching for a single to point to apply self-forgiveness on, i saw this point as an obvious self-deception and trying to avoid this moment here. Ok, so i forgive myself for staying in my head and not living here as myself as breath for real. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing my denial self as breath, as self expression even, by attemtping to run-away from here myself as life. I forgive myself for not being honest when seeing that i was participating within and as pictures and images of memories and imagination. I self-correct me by living here as myself as self-expression within and as breath. 

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