Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Today a faced a point regarding, friendship i had with someone. It came up with a memory of her, and the memory came from a book i was reading. Their was a feeling of warmth. I forgive myself for defining friendship as looking for that someone who you can trust and tell your secrets, which implies you are distrustful of everyone and are secretive. I forgive myself for not allowing myself to be here, open to everything that is here moment to moment. There is nothing wrong with friendship that is actually lived and practically applied within what is best for all and considers all and is inclusive. It is how friendship is currently exists in this world that troubles me. We are being EXCLUSIVE in order to create separation in order to create an energetic experience within as as our mind consciousness system. We need to stop and start getting real. We are not mind consciousness systems, we are life. We know the pain of exclusion. Its common sense. So start apply yourselves humans. It all starts HERE.

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