Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sad, cause its true

          Imagine there is a farmer who grows crops. He uses a certain mixture of manure for fertilizer. Now imagine another farmer who also fertilizer but it is made how his parents taught him. This mixture makes his tomatoes grow juicy and delicious. This farmer will sell his tomatoes and make more money than the first farmer. The first farmer can't compete and must lower his prices. In today's society we see nothing wrong with this picture. Though there actually is something very wrong indeed. Society would be better off if the rich farmer would share his family secret. Every tomato would be juicy and delicious, not just a few expensive ones. Secrets should not be rewarded, but sharing should.
          Today, we live in a society of secrets. Secret societies, secret off-shore bank accounts, secretly sleeping with so-and-so, You name it! It should have been obvious to you that secrets are a sign of a dysfunctional-suicidal society. Its a sign of a dysfunctional You! Step-up and be honest. Have you used secrets to justify harmful acts? Secrets are no more good than lying. Think about it. If someone starts asking around your secret you're prepared to lie and do lie to protect your secret. Do you see where im going with this? Stop secrets, stop lying. If you don't agree with me, its because you can't see anything. You're too scared. What's there to be scared of, its only yourself. You can once speak freely without getting fussed up about your thoughts. Worrying if they know, what they would say. Life isn't worth living in that case. The whole point of life is to be intimate with you. Do you know yourself? Do you know what u r doing to yourself? Do you even have power?
Sad, cause its true.  

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