Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Where are we?

Ok, so. ...When i first watched a video by desteni ... I was Whoa! What? Is what they(beings interviewed) are saying make sense? For example in this Yogananda interview,... it made an impression on me. One and equal... what does that mean? Why was he claiming that was "the solution", as how i took it. So...now of course i realize it is not a solution but what this existence is based on. The solution you could say, is to be one and equal with, as the video said, "expression, how they live, how they take responsibility for themselves and how they speak." I could spend some time decoding this. But i won't, not yet.
         Never take anything as just knowledge. It needs to be lived, especially ...um, ok. I found the Desteni material. I made the mistake of just "believing in," so to speak, the material instead of using it. All knowledge, all information, goes through the physical processes systems, however they affect you. Just like the language you know, affects you. So the idea of the desteni material is to end all suffering and all abuse. Through ending your abuse of yourself, your suffering, you are able to stand for all life and make a realization that you are life, in fact, and physical, which is tough for most people to swallow.
So money is energy... It fuels you. or is it food? which one? And the erth? You are a physical being. However you neglect to see the blantant naked truth. You haven't existed. Not yet anyway.If you exist, why haven't you done anything to end abuse? Why are you afraid? Why do you accept and allow youself to abuse youself through thoughts? "She probably hates me" "Im alone" "i have no friends" "i just want to love" And accept and allow excuses and justifications? "everyone is unconscious" "I can do it later" "they all hate me" "they deserve it" "its too late" And deny any responsibility? "its the sugar...cigarettes" "why does everything happen to me!" "its not fair!" "i pray!" "karma?". We are all responsible 'together' for this one world. 
I stand within my physical body, as life, and will walk with life to make sure we stand one and equal as ourselves as life. That is my commitment 

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