Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I feel weak right now

I know that i lose myself whenever i let go of, myself. When i am not here. Simple. Instead of me trying to reach out, and create a perspective that fits your definitions, could you? I speak. listen. Listening requires your full participation and agreement to do so.
Oneness and Equality is a wonderful thing. Its wonderful because it freed me and i am grateful. Initially, i accepted oneness and equality as truth. That it can be applied through me easily in the moment, whenever. However, i started complicating the message. As the result, i have been living in such a way that i have been trying to create my own version of the message, Yogan version. So, thats stupid because it would take more time to reconstruct the message then to simply listen. But i was afraid. I believed that the message needed reconstructing through the personality that is me in order to become another mind consciousness system, the updated version of my following. So, be wary. Just listen. Don't react. As long as you keep reacting, you're screwed.
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