Friday, October 7, 2011


Hi, I want to make this blogpost inorder to place before me in writing how i was behaving and experiencing myself tonight. To summarize tonight, i read a quarter of a philosophy paper on Science, baked a key lime pie, picked up my sister from school, and finally played a football video game with my cousin who unexpectedly dropped by. My original intention for reading an essay from my philosophy of science book was to have something to write about. While reading the introduction of a chapter i found it easy enough and was surprised by that fact. Though im not able to remember what the subject was exactly. I only remember it was on scientific laws and the degree to which we know them as true. Are they necessary or contingent? Stuff like that. There are many authors in this chapter but the one that provoked me to read was Cartwright. He claimed that all scientific laws are false since they do not accurately make true statements of reality due to their descriptive nature. Scientific laws are very simplified view holes of the way things are. They intend to explain things by creating a simple law which never alone can account for the reality of things. So in this way they lose the whole picture, more bluntly the actual picture. Not a single thing can be described alone by a law as we have it. This is a reflection of how human beings currently think. They try to simplify their world at the cost of living outside of the reality of the situation of things.

  I started with my pie making and prepared the crust I made on oil based pastry crust. It worked out better then i could ever hope for. I never made a pastry crust of oil before and normally (normally in the sense of when i used to bake pies 4 years ago) i used shortening to make the flaky pastry crust, we know and love. I made rad apple pies years ago. Tonight i made my first ever key-lime pie. I made several mistakes. One was out of ignorance which i only realized by chance. When beating egg yolk i was supposed to do it on high for 5 min. Instead I had beaten it like a egg for breakfast. My other mistake was carelessness. When beating egg whites, if a single speck of fat is present then it won't whip. I used a dirty mixer that had oil present. So i ruined the meringue. I never enjoyed cooking. I only ever did it for the food. And the taste. It was reason enough for this pie. I also do it sometimes for others as a sign of love, my grandma for example.

I picked up my sister today since my mom was so tired. Tonight was my third time driving out today. Night driving is more difficult. My cousin tagged along so i had to pay careful attention to not be distracted. The driving went alright the first turn i made though i over calculated it. When we got home i eventually played three matches all in which he whipped my butt. I got angry in the third game. I wasn't angry at him i was angry at me. When i forgave myself, however, i played better. Self anger is not productive.
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