Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My mom likes to watch Rachel Maddow.

I have been watching the news recently on tv. My mom likes to watch Rachel Maddow. The 99& percent movement has been going on for 1 month now. My mom's very enthusiatic about it. From my perspective they will sadly achieve nothing. Because they don't have a solution. If they were given power to decide what will happen, waht can they say? The funny thing, which is also sad, is that there has also been people negativley affected/neglected by this very system. Poeple are probly to scared to change, let alone think of it. Children are really good at thinking of new ways and of ways to change things. But soon after they lose it due to the schooling process. Equal money is the answer. No need to waste time discussing. Starting considering for yourself. What is the best way to live for life? Together. How will we treat each others? Equally. How will get the things we need? With Money. Who will work? everyone. Why? the reasons are endless and to ask why is pointless, because look at your life, do you ask why you live or work or eat? The real question, now that's settled, is how to achieve what's best.
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