Thursday, October 20, 2011

Black children

           On my desktop, there is a picture of black children looking at me. I found it on the web and i decided to put is as my desktop image of my computer to remind me about life, that life spans any color and any form. I remember how when i was younger i public school i sometimes would confuse one person for another because in my eyes they looked the same. They were minorities. Later on i learned in psychology that the human brain is able to differentiate people easier after enough exposure. They showed this with a few studies on people that were white that could differentiate blacks better than whites and vice versa. So i know that this mistake that all blacks look alike is due to not knowing very many blacks. And also when other people associate all blacks are poor or criminal is because they don't know very many who aren't. It also has to do with fear, because its harder to get to know someone when your afraid of them. Its a vicious cycle. Parents become afraid they keep their kids away from others. Kids are afraid. Kids grow up.
I could cite thousands of reasons why its stupid to be afraid but being afraid of life is good enough reason to stop oneself from being afraid. Whatever you could be afraid of as something you can point to as something real, is life. Death is life too. There is no exception. All is life and guess what you're it too. Life life life. Life has no opposite because there's no else but life.

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