Monday, May 23, 2011

Be the key

I am writing to assist and support myself as life. I was going to say I want to stop the mind consciousness system. But that would be a point of desire. Therefore I stop wanting to stop the mind consciousness system. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to have the desire of stopping the mind consciousness system. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear not being able to stop the mind if I forgave wanting to stop the mind. I am actually, within forgiving myself for accepting and allowing myself to desire stopping the mind, I am stoping the mind. Isn’t that funny. Humor, I recently thought, should be done in simplicity. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that humor should be done in simplicity. Humor simply arises as self-expression which occurs in self-honesty and self-honesty is applied in moments when I am silent within me, my inner reality. I have not done self-forgiveness as how I have done here, for believing in the confirmation of my intuition. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not realize that within accepting and allowing myself to limit myself to requiring the confirmation of my intuition I imply a statement where I do not trust myself to lose myself and find myself again. In other words there is fear of messing up and wasting time. There is a physical unconscious fear which has manifested as a relationship to this intuition of the physical. I hear knocking and feel pain in my body. They are not natural and have a life of their own. I was always wondering about these intuitions. They even lead to me desteni is some sense. Though I know they are either the physical itself or the interdimensional or physical demons. I know they are here to fuck with me and to test me. Well, here I stand as unconditional forgiveness. I take absolute self-responsibility for this reality. I am one and equal to this entire reality. All life is me one and equal. I am also one and equal to my experience. There is no more running from the truth, I am here. Who am I? I am myself, here.
Self-forgiveness is the key. What was written here should be enough proof for you to know. So Have At It Then.
Within deciding things such as what am I going to do now, or what would be good for me to do, I see that there exist a dependence on my intuition. Cause I am addressing my intuition when I ask this question to myself. There is then a silence, very short, then I usually have a thought. THIS PROVES (lol caps by accs) that all intuition is bullshit, at least the one I use. Because it really is the mind. Within Desteni courses there is the SRA course which teaches muscle communication. In no way is this an example of intuition but is direct communication with clear results once one has practiced and proved this and thus built self-trust within asking specific questions within looking for specific answers. So stop depending on things. I would even say not to depend on yourself. Why is there need of dependence when one is directing Self?
Do you depend on food? Yes. Can you direct yourself as food? NO. Lol. So you can direct yourself in eating which you depend since you can’t provide that to yourself.(yet, if humans ever learn to stop eating as one, (but this is no longer eating)) The very idea of eating is dependence, you or I can’t escape that. So if you eat you depend on someone else, who you are eating.  
            Then the question is what does Self consists in? One and equal, all of existence is Self. So there is no real dependence in the sense of enslavement which is the very nature of the mind consciousness system since all of existence is Self supporting Self one and Equal. There are some interesting articles on food as support for life. Carrots, for example, support the stabilization of self here for self to remain more easily. Remember food is one and equal to you as life. It is here to assist and support you as equals as life to bring about a new world, the world that should have been long ago but never did due to our acceptance and allowance of our programming. We are here to rectify this. We stand as life as all as one and as equals. For further support visit the website. The articles I mentioned are found there, among with many others on a range of topics. Use the search bar and search food. Enjoy!
I admire Ann. The one from Desteni. I know this is a form of enslavement so I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to enslave myself to another through admiration of the person. This is not the same as respect. I could respect a person for what they walked and shared and their standing as a person in process. There could only be respect for a person’s standing of equality and walking as equality and sharing as equality. These are very clear to see given one has shared oneself online. Depending on how long one stands one can start to trust such a person in further standing and walking. That’s cool. Real trust can start to emerge. In an agreement its something else entirely. But I have yet to experienced it. What I have seen from June and Leon is that agreements are really effective. What I have observed is that it is in no way easy, there will be lots of resistance, because for once they physical will be experienced without love-dubby feelings. There will be no hiding the truth. Lol. The naked truth. But its true, its about exposing self and self’s constructs, thoughts, judgments. And im sure its freeing and intimacy must surely be experienced.
 So I have this construct which ill call the preaching/teaching construct which I preach/teach the truth/my truth. When your having someone that’s is talking about the truth or truth, that’s a red flag. There is no truth. Doing what is best for all is not a truth, its simply a principle one lives. Since this is our principle, there can be no truth. There are perspectives but no truth. This should be sufficient enough to prove my point, (an expression). By the fact that my expression is claiming a truth shows our language is built on having opinions, beliefs, and answers. But these things do not do what is best for all. They are not a principle of do what is best for all life. We could say that the answer to all the world problems is living what is best for all in any given moment. But is that really an answer. Is there a question, what answer would serve the question “how do we bring about world peace?” and the answer is knowing the factual information do what is best for all life. Is that a truth? Is that a living reality in this world? No its not. That proves there are no truths; there are no answers for such a question as something that resembles truth.
Here’s a really good example of preaching/teaching the truth/my truth:
Its certainly important to be acquainted with forgiveness and at least know roughly how to apply effectively. Its best to know already how to always apply self-forgiveness but this knowing is easy in the sense that’s its simply pushing. Is pushing easy? Its simple. Lol. Its probably easier when one has good relationship with one’s breath.
As what can clearly be seen it is full of speculation. Its also based on knowledge as a timeline of events. Consider: first you need to know self-forgiveness OH and also apply it effectively. Also, there is no real support provided here as a living example as an expression through writing that demonstrates one’s own introspection. Enjoy!
So I was scratching my face, my nose and chin in particular. I was scratching a pimple on my chin on the right side of my face and the right nostril too. I was not aware I was doing this because I was thinking about something. I then considered that me not being aware of what I was doing is a sign of me not living here. There exist the fear of losing myself, which when I was writing this I was accidently almost writing love (wrote lov). So love, you also lose yourself in love. You fall in love meaning you lose yourself. Strangly enough, whenever I considered someone worthy of my falling in love, I fell hard in love or in my crush.
I finished the discussion in my head due to needing to go eat.

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