Monday, November 29, 2010


If this world was organized instead of disorganized, like my room, then we could feel confident as one race, the human race, that we are living well, as one mind you. We should all organize ourselves properly for our betterment and freedom. So organize your individual self!
-If you agreee with me then you assume organization leads to efficiency, communication, power, ability, self-respect. I write in all senses of the O-word.

-Organize into a group that supports whats best for all. Whats best for all is that everyone communicate themselves honestly in order to sort out their minds and emotions. Most can't do such a necessary thing. It is Necessary. I know what it feels like to not speak honestly about how i feel or what im thinking/have thought of. Just like having a thorn in your foot it is necessary to remove it. Right? or im i wrong? I think im right.
- Be honest. Face FEARS. Live honestly, be fearless. What m0orr can I add?

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