Friday, November 12, 2010


Im angry because there is someone i know, two actually, who i feel are disregarding ME. For one of them i had the desire that they consider me in a moment where i thought they were obligated to. I suppose it does not really matter the context of it. I don't know but i believe so. So... i know that im the only one who is CAPABLE of considering me fully. Others can consider ME within how their actions can harm me(physically???),
is it physical? since how i am hurt now came from a lack of a physical action, the absence of one.
I was hurt emotionally, not physically.
I thinks its STUPID. I don't want to be hurt emotionally.
The thing is... I don't consider everyone. For example this prospie (prospective student) was in our dorm and i felt too bog down by what was happening to care. I think i should not disregard anyone. I should consider everyone. Though i can't yet expect that everyone else can do the same. Its one step closer to a world where such a thing is commonplace. I forgive myself for accepting an anger that justified my judgments on my friends. If i am angry let it serve practical solutions. thanks

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